Oppan Gangnam Style

Everyone now like to listen to this latest K-pop Oppan Gangnam Style sensation from Korea. I thought this is just the normal music but it is kinda catchy and fun to hear. The video is nice as well with variety of location and many pretty girls. It has also been viewed more than 100 million of times for only a short period of time. The singer PSY as everyone knows looks really funny when he uses toilet, spa and boats to make the video. People all around the world are making parody video like KL style, Chicago, Thailand, Singapore and loads more places around the world.
Even many popular celebrities from Hollywood in US are talking about this and enjoy the peculiar way of dancing. PSY said that the dance is like riding an invincible horse and need to follow the steps. You can talk to anyone on the street and they all have heard the song before. Even our favourite Olympic bronce medallist pandalela are keen on the music that there is a video on her dancing the moves.
How to do the dance moves, singing Karaoke version, downloading the instrumental version can be found on the internet easily. You can just Google it and you can find anything about it at the tips of your finger. There is a story about the song, it is about something like a place in Korea where the the rich people lives and the idea came from those particular people.



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