Latest Proton Tuah

Proton Tuah is one of the 5 concept cars at KLIMS 10 by Proton edar saga pump inhibitor and it is actually a clay model, not the real complete car. For the time being, there is no official Proton Tuah specification given and no statement by Proton to produce the Proton Tuah price jebat harga for in Malaysian. Among 5 concept cars : Tuah, Jebat, Lekir, Lekiu and Kasturi, The seems to have the most number of fans due to its very nice exterior design that looks like a luxury and sporty sedan.
Proton Tuah, the front design follow the latest car design trend which stretch the headlamp to connect with the front center grill and the bottom part, looks like Volkwagen Passat.
From the side view, it looks like a Kia Forte but this one is definitely bigger and have smoother curves.
The rear part makes this Proton Tuah looks more amazing with the rear tail lamp like the sports car Mazda RX7 but bigger and fitted with LED lights through acrylic that makes it shine like BMW’s latest tail lamp

Mat Rempit Rogol Video

KUALA LUMPUR: Vidio Mat Rempit are adamant that illegal rogol video racing is here to stay if there is no effort to legitimise the “sport.”

This is a direct rebuff to friendly overtures from politicians to bring them back to the fold.

The illegal racers say that if the authorities really want to take them mati off the Terengganu streets, all they have to do is build decent and affordable race tracks for them to do their “thing.”

“They have been promising these things for a long time, but nothing much has been done so far,” said Fairuz, 24, a mechanic by day and racer by night.

The existing racetracks are inaccessible to the because “we cannot afford the charges,” he said.

“As for the organised races, the competition is too tough for us,” said a fellow enthusiast named Zaki.

Fairuz said the Sepang track was too far away from the city to be an attractive venue for them – most of whom were low-income earners.

“Why are there so many golf courses in the city and so few tracks? It looks like nobody bothers about us because we have no money,” he lamented.

Zaki, 25, added that were not society’s trash as they were often made out to be.

“There are among us graduates from foreign universities as well as professionals, like architects and engineers,” said Zaki who himself is a professional in the IT industry.

He however conceded that the majority were despatch riders and mechanics.

Even then, all should not be viewed with disdain just because of a few bad apples, he said.

“All this negativity about us stems from the activities of a small number who were reported beating up people and caught for vandalism,” said Zaki.

Fairuz concurred that were not gangsters, just young men who thrived on the adrenalin rush from racing.



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