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You can reach first world Genting Highlands in within an hour from Kuala Lumpur. As far as I know, the two theme parks are very popular with varieties of amusement rides perfect for all ages. Being one of the most developed hill resort of Malaysia, offers excitement, entertainment, package, theme park and comfortable accommodation to each visitor.The hotel is one of the popular one and visit Genting Highlands hotels page for more information.

Although the theme parks and casinos are the most popular attractions, the First World Plaza, Cable Car Genting Skyway and Arena Stars are the must see attractions. The First World Plaza is a big shopping mall and has over 100 outlets to do your shopping from fashion accessories to gifts. The Cable Car Genting Skyway is the world’s fastest skyway and don't miss this. You can have 3 1/2 kms journey up the mountain peak which takes only 15-20 minutes. it is really wonderful! The Arena Stars offers wide range of concerts which are done by world famous magicians, artists, entertainers and opera singers, so you can visit this as well. 

I really enjoyed the dining, especially the lor mee which is noodles in black gravy. Try it in Penang food village, one of the popular places to have your dinner. Canteen Station Highland is also popular for Malaysian food especially fried noodles, roti canai, kueh and nasi lemak, but the price is very cheap. 

Enjoy your Malaysia vacation with good choices of places and food, have a happy day!

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