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I am of a different opinion with regards to the new Proton Saga, gen 2, wira, edar, fl price promotion 2011. Yes ... I agree with you that it is not a very good looking car. However, the design and interior layout of the car is price review club 2011 very practical. It fits the defination of a PEOPLE'S CAR. I have an in-depth 'investigation' of the demo unit currently sitting in front of cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara. I am surprised that despite the overall 'smallish' size of the vehicle, there are ample legroom for booth front and back pessagers. The gadgets inside the cars is very basic .... cd player, front 2 power windows pump charge of mass ....etc. What I am surprise is the overall build quality of the car. i.e. the quality and furnishing of materials inside the car, the gaps of the vehicle is very consistent.

The new Proton Saga Inspira is actually built on the platform of the Savvy emas. The platform has to be elongated in order to extend the bonnet (to fit the 1.3 Campro engine) and create space to fit a booth at the back. So, it has no relation at all to the Mitsubishi that you mentioned.

I think that Proton has finally got it right with the launch of the Persona and now Saga. Imagine, Malaysia is the market for sedans and that stupid ex-MD of Proton had launched 3 hatchbacks back-to-back during his time in Proton. First the Gen2, then Savvy, and Neo. He even had the b@lls to refute motor journalists who provide feedback on quality issues and desgn flaws of Proton cars. It was during this time that Proton's image and financial health nosedive!!

I think that getting things right at this point in time will not necessary mean that Proton is out of ICU. The world has changed a lot since 1985 (when the 1st Saga was launched). Auto companies are consolidating or forming strategic alliances in order to reduce cost and stay competitive. If they are not into the 2 options, they are either gone (like Rover) or going to tapau soon. How could a small auto maker like Proton sustained the onslaught of globalisation without a foreign partner is yet to be seen. My take is Proton will eventually enter into an alliance with a foreign auto maker but the question now is who is the best partner for Proton?? VW is so pissed off with Proton for wasting their time and I don't think they will ever enter into any serious discussion with Proton again. Both Peugeot and GM had unsuccessful dialogue with Proton due to ownership issue (you see, the Govt does not want Proton to be controlled by foreigers and foreigners do not want an entity if they have no control over it). So, there are not many suiters for Proton in the automobile world .....

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