Ting Ting Tong???

Love my wife of 8+ years to death.

She is very smart sometimes and is very hao ting-tong song mp3 sometimes...

I have been telling her for many years that she should be blonde...Because she is ting-tong hands a bit (aren't we all though?)

Our 4 year daughter old has very light, blond-ish-brown curly hair (I am Caucasian)

Wife claims it is the farang Ting Ting Tong arena 3 4 noraniza idris genes.......Am quite certain it is the Mommy genes finally showing their true colors.

My hair is brown, (well, grey and brown these days).

My younger brother had blonde hair that turned light brown when he was 10 or 12.......????????????

Anyhow, never a dull moment with the little monster around. 

She's Daddy's best friend. Even though she's 50% blonde (um, er, 50% dingbat, um er, 50% Thai).

Left handed as well. Knows her ABC's quite well and knows the Thai alphabet as well.

No real point with this post other than to say that kids are a lot of fun.

Nothing feels better than seeing a 4 year old daughter jumping up and down with joy when Daddy comes home from work.

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