The Most Popular Famous Drink In The World!!

Have you ever tried this drink before. This is the most popular famous one in the world. You cannot find anything like this except in Malaysia. It needs a lot of skill and practice to do it, one small mistake and you will get burned. I think David Beckham can't do this, it takes much longer practice, even ages. The reason they do this is to make the drink tastier and delicious. It is called teh tarik and every morning before I go to work, I will get one of these and I became wide awake and ready to do my stuff. It is made of coffee, milk, sugar and others. There are even nice foods like capati, tose, roti canai, nasi lemak, mee goreng, curry, spice and murtabak.

Almost everyone knows about this, and the best part is that the service is fast and the price is affordable. It is so good all races like chinese, malay, iban, kadazan, sikh and japanese like it as well. If you go to the restaurant in the morning, you have to queue in a long line. Everyone wants it fast and the workers have to rush here and there. Some like to just hang out there and either chatting or watch the tv on a big screen. The place is so relaxing and entertaining for everyone. Below is a different version which is kinda weird and funny.
So what are you waiting for, come right down here and have a nice day here. You can go to Kuala Lumpur or Selangor and find nice joints. The people are friendly and you can find almost anything cheap with good bargain. If you are not happy with anything, they will provide a new one free of charge. You must check it out or you miss something wonderful in your life. Is just like the song, it's now or never, if you get what I mean.


mancai said...

huhuhu rasanya kat Negara india sendiri pun tak ada jual kat sana

SumBody Me.. said...

blogwalking :)



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